Custom Mounts

All mounts are produced with the highest quality materials, from tanning to completion.Each mount is a custom piece due to all of the varieties I have created. Check out my mounts on ebay user id crankbait44

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Mounting Information

Each mount is different due to the time of year the squirrel is harvested. The summer squirrels have a lighter coat and not as defined. There winter coats are much fuller with detail, like the grays with the silver tipped hairs, all in all they  look great.Contact:

Satisfied Customers

I have been mounting custom squirrels for over 20 years and believe you will be impressed with my work. I have had over 600 customers over the years, with very positive results. I use both Gray squirrels and Fox squirrels, whatever you may want. I use alot of vintage GI JOE accessories which look great on the mounts.